Nativity Tree Day 2 TREE -

The Nativity Tree: Day 2 – Tree

Bible Reading: Isaiah 11:1(-10)

The Evergreen tree symbolizes eternal life since its needles remain green all year even during the winter season. When you cut down a tree, the roots still remain. Sometimes this stump will begin to re-grow. Thus, from the “stump” of Jesse (King David’s father), Jesus came. If interested, check out the genealogy of Jesus found in Matthew 1:1-17 to see his lineage from Abraham.

Christmas Music:

O Christmas Tree

Ornament Ideas: Trees

Fingerprint Air-Dry Clay Ornament
Lacing Tree
Paint Chip Tree
Macaroni Noodle Trees
Felt Christmas Trees
Popsicle Stick Trees
Doily Christmas Tree
Pipe Cleaner Tree
White Pipe Cleaner Tree
Paper Straw Trees
Bead & Fabric / Essential Oil Diffuser Ornament
3D Origami Trees
Snowflake Tree
Knitted Christmas Tree

Coloring / Art Ideas:

Finger Paint Trees
Tissue Paper & Contact Paper Trees
Dot Sticker Tree
TP & Finger Print Trees
Circle Trees
Cupcake Liner Trees
Tissue Paper Trees
Coffee Filter Trees
Gum-drop STEM Trees
Oil-Pastel Tree through Window
3D HoHoHo Tree
Craft Stick Tree
Paper Scrap Tree
The Nativity Tree: Day 2 Tree -