Nanu Nanu

Crazy. Weird. Funny. Anxious. Lover of music, movies, church, the color pink, garlic, crab, feta, M&Ms, comedy, books, ABBA, Queen, Johnny Cash, The Tenors, Eurythmics, K-LOVE, Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Molly Shannon, and JC – Jesus Christ.

Those are just a few of these many things I like…a lot.

Getting ready for another year of homeschool. Yep, I’m one of those homeschooled kids. You can usually find me in Kroger, church, archery, swimming, indoor rock-climbing, or art classes.

We are finishing up our 3rd year of World History and hopefully I’ll be sharing my field trips and recommendations here for your perusal.


  • Travel to Germany where my grandmother was born.
  • Going to Johnny Cash museum in Nashville, TN.