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Handwriting: My Journey

Handwriting is important…even in this day of laptops & cell phones. My journey with handwriting was long and started off rather slowly. Now, my handwriting is legible, which is saying something compared to some friends of mine who are in high school and college – you know who you are!

In fact, how do you take notes in classes/meetings/etc. if you don’t know how to write?!? And if that cute guy asks for a copy of your notes – will he be able to read ’em?

Memorization is pretty easy for me if it is in a song, or part of my weekly handwriting assignments. I’ve learned science info, Bible verses, and even speeches using weekly handwriting assignments.

Since I believe that everyone should learn their Bible, I will be posting monthly handwriting pages with Bible verses for you to use with your children. You can see how I used them as weekly assignments as part of homeschool when I was younger in my post called: Handwriting Workbooks & Practice Sheets.

Here is a post with a list of my FREE Monthly Handwriting Pages. I hope you enjoy these and find them useful.

Since I was so young, and can’t remember much, I’m going to let my mom share my journey with you of how I finally learned to write.

Crazy JC Girl had quite a long journey with her handwriting. This was mostly due to the fact that she had poor upper body strength, fine motor skills, and eye/hand coordination issues as well. Therefore, weekly Occupational Therapist visits were part of our routine for several years.

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