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Bible Verse Memorization

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What’s the simplest way of memorizing scripture?

For me, it is songs and my weekly handwriting assignments. I would read the verse, and then try to say it aloud 3 times and have someone check me. I would do this every morning for 1 week. While writing the verse, my mind’s eye could also “see” or recall what I had written on the page. As a tactile & visual learner, this method worked for me. My Mom would also have me recite aloud the previous 2-3 weeks verses to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything.

Sometimes I would “act” out the verses, walking/standing in different parts of the room to help convey the message (i.e. – “though I walk through the shadow of death” – pretend to walk through that shadow). My Mom would have me do this when I memorized speeches – as if I was Abraham Lincoln or Patrick Henry giving their famous speech. Use hand gestures and inflection of your tone to communicate your message with a pretend audience. Stamp your foot, smack your fist, blow your horn, hide in a tent, fall on your knees, raise your hands to God – these movements help me to “dance” or “play out” the scriptures as well – especially a long Psalm.

It’s amazing how many verses are locked into my brain. Last week, I almost completely recalled Psalm 91 that I had learned 5 years ago. It took a month to learn it, but baby it’s locked in. My Mom was totally impressed and I impressed myself!

If you are looking for other helpful ways to memorize scripture, check out Ten Tips for Memorizing Bible Verses from Bible Gateway.

Another suggestion would be using the KJV for memorization. Many people like poetic flow of the words including the Thees & Thous. I would say choose the version of the verse that makes the most sense to you, so that you can understand what you are memorizing.

List of Bible Verses

I need to sit down with my Mom & come up with a basic list of Bible verses we feel are important for all to memorize. Check back in a few weeks, and I should have that listing here.

Children’s Memorization

For now, I will send you to my FREE December Handwriting post that includes 4 Bible Verses in both Print (Manuscript) & Cursive.

You can always use verses from Proverbs & Psalms for your weekly memorization. Just sit down and read through those books and highlight what words of wisdom you deem essential.

Here are pictures of some homemade weekly Bible verse sheets, that my mom made. I wrote a few words each day. By the end of the week I had memorized the verse.

Since I believe that everyone should learn their Bible, I will be posting monthly handwriting pages with Bible verses for you to use with your children. You can see how I used them as weekly assignments as part of homeschool when I was younger in my post called: Handwriting Workbooks & Practice Sheets.

Here is a list of my FREE Monthly Handwriting Pages. I hope you enjoy these and find them useful.

In my Handwriting: Workbooks & Practice Sheets, my mom lists the “A Reason for Handwriting” series that I used growing up. That series (except for the first book) uses 1 Bible verse each week as part of it’s lesson.

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