Nativity Tree Day 13 Stable -

The Nativity Tree: Day 13 – Stable

Bible Reading: Luke 2:6-7

The door bell rings. It’s 9:30 at night. You answer – it’s not the pizza delivery guy. There is a man standing there; someone you’ve never met. His wife is in the car. He’s frantic. You’re trying to remember where your phone is so you can call the police. He explains he’s traveling – all the hotels, motels, & Holiday inns are booked. There is no vacancy. They are tired, weary, his wife is pregnant, and they just want a place to lay down & rest. What do you do?

  • (a) Make sure you don’t live near the airport.
  • (b) Tell him to go across street & ask that neighbor.
  • (c) Direct him to the closest homeless shelter.
  • (d) Do nothing at all & slam the door in his face.
  • (e) Let him pull his car into your driveway & sleep there.
  • (f) Let him sleep in the guest room or on your den couch.

As Christians, we all hope we’d say “F” – invite him & his wife into your home & offer hospitality. Make them feel like out-of-town relatives coming in for a stay. Make sure they’re comfortable. Watch a movie together & share that pizza that was finally delivered.

Sadly, I don’t think my family would allow complete strangers to walk right in to our home. We’re nervous, scared of axe-murderers, serial killers, rapists, robbers, & thieves.

Now, if these strangers had been introduced ahead of time…let’s say foreign missionaries, an exchange student, or just anyone that the church or family-friend asked us to host – well, that’s a different story. We’d probably still hesitate though. The place is a mess. We really don’t have a guest room setup. We’re simply too tired to “play nice.We all make excuses.

Years ago, when my parents were traveling across the Montana/Wyoming border & hit ice on “Dead Man’s Hill,” their car rolled & was demolished. Miraculously they survived with only a few cuts & bruises. But, they were standing on the side of the road freezing & emotionally “messed up.” They didn’t care where they went – they were alive. But, they were tired. Happy to sleep in the tow truck driver’s garage, my parents just wanted a place to lie down.

Kindof puts things into perspective…especially when it happens to someone you know. Would you have made room for my parents?

Would you have made room for Joseph & Mary or turned them away? They ended up staying in a stable – a barn – a place where livestock dwell. Not the richest of places for the Messiah to be born. But Christ will make his home even in the lowliest of places in order to save the lost.

There is another who is knocking. You may not hear him at your front door, but he is knocking. He is waiting for you to answer. Will you turn him away or let him in? Jesus is waiting to enter. The place is probably a mess, but that’s OK. He doesn’t need a guest room decked out with fancy sheets. He will be your Helper, Comforter, & Saviour…if you would only open the door to your heart & let him in.

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” ~ Revelation 3:20, NIV

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