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What are Devotions & Why Do We Need Them

What are Daily Devotions?

When Christians talk about Daily Devotions, they are speaking about spending time (preferably alone) with God. Simply by reading your Bible, God’s Word, you are actually spending time with Him. But, let’s take it to the next step.

The key verse that I think of when I think of devotions is the one I shared with you back in January:

“Be still, and know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10

This is what we strive to do in devotions – clear our minds of all worries and the surrounding world, and just know that God exists. We are trying to “Be Still,” and have fellowship (aka spending time together) with God. We should also stay quiet and listen to God as well.

Devotions Are NOT the same as Bible Study

Let me take a moment to state that Devotions are different from true in-depth Bible Study. Think of Devotions as being a way to start your day, but Bible Study being a time later in the day/evening where you can study, use references, take notes, and really dig deeper into the Bible.

Don’t beat yourself up, if you don’t do both. In fact, congratulate yourself that you’ve got this far. God knows your mind & heart and knows your intentions. All I can say, is the more time you spend with God & His Word, the more you will crave it.

Why should we have Daily Devotions?

As Christians, we are called to have fellowship with Jesus.

“God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” ~ 1 Corinthians 1:9

Jesus is our BFF, or BFFEBest Friend For ETERNITY! He will always be there – in good times & bad, in happy & sadfriends may come & go, but Jesus will always be there!

But how can you call Jesus your friend if you never spend time with Him?

Friends spend time with each other: whether chatting, walking, talking, hanging out, getting to know each other, sharing secrets, encouraging/uplifting one another, just being there for each other, someone who would move heaven & earth for you….your bestie. You can’t call someone your friend and not know a thing about them – maybe an acquaintance, but not a true friend.

In order to establish a true friendship, or personal relationship, with Jesus you have to put the time in. People just don’t become friends without investing time and giving part of themselves into a relationship. Same goes for Jesus. Oh, yes! Jesus has invested in you already. He yearns for a friendship with you. He waits for you to acknowledge Him. BTW – you do know He’s available 24/7, right?

What does it mean to be Devoted?

Maybe we should back up a little and look at the word devotion. We see several definitions such as:

love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause” ~ from Oxford Languages

an act of giving (as effort or time) to something” ~ from Merriam-Webster

I really like some of the synonyms too: passion, allegiance, & faithfulness

Are you passionate about Jesus?

If you are already a Christian, you have “pledged allegiance” to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Meaning that Jesus is Lord, or Ruler, over your life. Is He the priority of your life?

“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness” ~ Matthew 6:33

If Christ is your King, your Lord, your Savior, your friend, whatever you may call Him, are you enthusiastic to follow His commands and to be in His service? Are you learning how to live righteously? Are you giving of yourself faithfully every day? Are you devoted?

Know (Be Still) ~ Jeremy Riddle
Be Still ~ Travis Greene
What are Devotions? & Why Do We Need Them? - crazyJCgirl.com