Nativity Tree Day 2 TREE -
The Nativity Tree: Day 2 - Tree - Part of 25 Days with Christ.
Nativity Tree Day 1 Light -
The Nativity Tree: Day 1 - Light - Part of 25 Days with Christ
The Nativity Tree: 25 Days of Christ -
A 25 day Christmas Bible Reading Plan for the Story of Jesus' birth. Create your own Nativity Tree.
December Handwriting -
Free printable Handwriting Worksheets for December - Cursive & Print. Christmas & Advent theme.
December Bible Verse Bookmarks -
Free printable Bible Verse Bookmarks for December. Christmas & Advent theme. Perfect for weekly Prayer Lists & notes.
Advent: Preparing for Christmas -
Start your own Advent tradition with your family. Advent ideas & resources.
Bible Verse Memorization -
Tips for memorizing Bible Verses, a list of common Bible Verses, along with handwriting ideas for children.
Wanna Know God -
Bible Nicknames. Who & How the Bible was written. The Bible talks about Itself (& God).
Bible Translations -
Lists several popular modern-day English translations of the Bible, considerations for choosing, along with recommendations.
History of the Bible -
Provides a brief history of the Bible from The Septuagint, The Vulgate, to the King James Version.
Bible Basics 101 -
Overview & How to use a Bible. Summary of Old & New Testaments. Printable Books of the Bible bookmarks.
The Bible: Truth or Dare -
Bible Basic Series - An introduction for all who want to learn about the Bible or dig a little deeper.
Become a Card-Carrying Christian -
Download a FREE Printable Wallet-sized Card full of essential Bible Verses for all Christians. Makes a great gift.
So Now What? First Steps as a New Christian -
Suggested First Steps as a New Christian. What does it mean & Where to start? Reading Plan ideas.
My Baptism - Washed in the Water -
That's right, I got dunked today. On purpose, I got baptized. It was my choice. Before I explain, let me