Nativity Tree Day 25 Jesus -

The Nativity Tree: Day 25 – Jesus

Bible Reading: John 1:14

What do you think God looks like?

Does He look like a huge grandfather figure sitting on a throne? Are you even taller than his big toe? Or, is He a huge glorious shining light? Does He have a beard?

I recently asked my Mom what God looks like. She said, “We don’t know what God or Jesus looks like. But, they’re characteristics matter more than looks. Based on the personality, you would want to go to a kind and loving person.”

If Jesus was here walking beside you down the street as your best friend, your buddy, your pal, what do you imagine he’d look like?

Is he wearing a ball-cap, a T-shirt and holy jeans? (Get it? Holey?) Or, is he wearing a plaid shirt with dark-blue jeans? Is he wearing sandals & a linen robe even in 2-feet of snow? Overalls & a straw hat? We can “dress” Jesus in many different types of clothes, but at the center of it all, He’s still Jesus.

Is He smiling? Laughing? Kidding around? (until you cross the line) I do know He is loving. He would be approachable, caring, and kind.

Did you know if you see Jesus, you also see the Father (God)? Jesus said:

“Whoever has seen me has seen the Father” ~ John 14:9, ESV

John 1:14 says he was made “in the flesh. This means that Jesus came down to earth and was made to look like man. He is the God-Man. He was made perfect – Christ became flesh in order to correct and overcome the wickedness of mankind. He was perfect, blemish-free. A sin-free sacrifice.

Today’s ornament is the baby Jesus. You can also make a cross to hang on your tree as well to signify His death and our salvation.

Our family also likes to have a birthday cake for Jesus and sing Happy Birthday at some point during Christmas day. My mom did this as a little girl too. She said she grew up knowing that Jesus was a member of the family.

Remember to make time on Christmas to be thankful and celebrate Jesus’ birth.

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The Nativity Tree: Day 25 Jesus -