Nativity Tree Day 17 Sheep -

The Nativity Tree: Day 17 – Sheep

Bible Reading: Luke 2:15-18

1st Shepherd: Did you see that?
2nd Shepherd: YEP.
1st Shepherd: So, I’m not crazy!?
2nd Shepherd: NOPE.
3rd Shepherd: Enough of this fooling around. Let’s go.
1st Shepherd: What about the sheep?
3rd Shepherd: Forget the sheep!

Can you imagine what the shepherds said after seeing the heavens open up? What would you have said? What would you have done?

Well, we don’t have to worry about what the shepherds said & did. The Bible tells us clearly that they hurried off to Bethlehem to find the Saviour. They went immediately. They didn’t delay.

They knew the Lord had revealed this message. Well, yeah – it’s not everyday the heavens open up and a host of angels sing.

Can you imagine a gang of crazy looking, bedraggled shepherds running through the town. Opening every stable, cave, and barnyard gate along the way. People who see them are probably worried that they are trying to steal their livestock. Or, maybe they’re wondering how a lost sheep could have strayed so far from the countryside. Or, maybe they’re hunting down a thief who has stolen or killed some of their sheep. The townsfolk are concerned.

Remember, the city is overflowing. There’s no room in the inns. Bethlehem is full of out-of-towners who need to pay their taxes & be counted in the census.

Finally, the shepherds find the babe just exactly as the angel said – lying in a manger. It’s true.

You know those shepherds talked with Mary & Joseph. How did they respond? Did they share that they knew their child was the long-awaited Messiah? Did Mary just give a knowing smile & nod? Did the shepherds catch the significance of the name Jesus – “God saves.”

Did you notice that it’s not priests, or kings, or rulers, who are the first to learn of Jesus & to visit him? It’s the everyday working man, the outcast of society, the ones who would least likely visit the Temple.

After their visit, the shepherds went back through the city overjoyed & excited. All those townsfolk are wondering what had happened. Now the shepherds are telling anyone who will listen what has happened. Can you imagine?

It’s true – God has sent the long awaited Messiah – the Saviour. We found him lying in a manger. We saw an angel. The heavens opened up. God has told us it’s Christ the Lord. Here in Bethlehem just like the prophecies foretold. The prince has been born. The field was lit up just like it was day. Oh, you should go see for yourself. He’s just down the way in that stable there. The Messiah has come.

All the people were amazed at what the shepherds said.

But, did they believe them? Would you? Would you believe that the Messiah had been born and was in a stable? Would you have put on your shoes and gone to see for yourself? What would the shepherds need to say in order for you to believe?

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The Nativity Tree: Day 17 Sheep -