Nativity Tree Day 18 Horn -

The Nativity Tree: Day 18 – Horn

Bible Reading: Luke 2:19-20

Mary humbly adored God. She pondered. She thought upon all these things. She may have been tired & overwhelmed with everything that was happening. But, remember she’s had 9 months to think upon her reality. The shepherds have yet again confirmed God’s wondrous plan.

The shepherds have seen angels, seen the newborn Saviour, and are now praising & glorifying God.

We talked about how Mary glorified & worshiped God on Day 11. Our ornament of choice that day was the tambourine. On Day 16, we said the angels praised God as well. The ornaments we chose were the bells & a harp. Today we are continuing are theme of glorifying the Lord with Horns.

Horns back in Biblical times were typically made out of a ram’s horn. Those were cut on the end in order to blow through them. It was called a shofar and is still used in Jewish celebrations today.

Christmas Music:

Ornament Ideas: Horn

Paper Plate Shofar
Cardboard Shofar
Party Blower Shofar
Working Cereal Box Shofar

Coloring / Art Ideas:

Glitter & Glue Horn
Trumpet Pics
Printable Horn Craft
Shofar Coloring Page
The Nativity Tree: Day 18 Horn -