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Writing Ideas: Shakespeare

As a author whose topics have spanned from murder to comedy, Shakespeare has influenced many of today’s authors. He used facts, along with his imagination, to write some of the world’s most beloved works.

Could your child be our generation’s Bill Shakespeare?

In our homeschool I have daily/weekly writing assignments. Here are some suggestions that we have used. (I haven’t included high school ideas, since I’m not there yet.)

Mid-Upper Elementary age (& older) ideas:

  • Book Report on Shakespeare (can include a coloring page)
  • Book Report on Globe Theatre (can include a coloring page)
  • Write your own play with at least 2 characters & scenes
  • Outline a play using the Acts & Scenes as your layout. Include 1 sentence summaries

Middle school (& older) ideas:

  • Compare & contrast Shakespeare’s plays
  • Compare & contrast Shakespeare’s characters
  • Why do you think Shakespeare uses the fairy land in his plays?
  • Rewrite one of Shakespeare’s play into modern day language (& situations)

Do you have any other suggestions?

Writing Ideas Shakespare - crazyJCgirl.com

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